How to use VVDI MB Tool to Do Benz W212 All Key Lost?

VVDI MB Tool can read password and prepare new key for Benz via IR. And here shares the detailed steps about Benz W212 all key lost process.

1.Start VVDI Benz software,and click “Password Calculation”,choose classes “W166, 197, 212, 218, 246”

2.Click “Data Acquisition”,then connect device OBD line to car before continue.

vvdi benz

3.Connect VVDI MB Tool with IR adaptor,then click OK.


4.Wating for process of Data Acquisition,and save the data.

vvdi mb bga tool

5.Click “Upload Data” to send acquisition date.Upload success: Queue number 1, wait for a while..

Then Click “Query result”to get result.

vvdi mb w212 all key lost

6.Copy the password.

vvdi benz w212

7.Click “EIS Toos”on the left,and choose “Read EIS Data”

vvdi mb

8.Paste the key password  from Step 6 and click [save EIS data]. Save to the new folder ,you can name it “212 ALL KEY LOST”

vvdi benz

9.Press OK to save HC05 format file.

10.Click “Prepare Key File”in the left,click “Prepare Key File”,then click “Load EIS file”

vvdi mb tool w212

11.Save the file to “212 ALL KEY LOST” folder.Then prepare keys.


12.Click “Read/Write Key”,plug new key in the device.

13.Identification key and reading data success.Then Click load key file —[key8_5F6FD781_051]

xhorse vvdi mb tool

vvdi benz key programmer0

14.Write data and identification key

15.Click “EIS Tools” again,click “Read EIS Data”

vvdi benz key programmer