Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter Probe Instruction

Starts with a question saying

About …”Xhorse EEPROM Clip Adapter for VVDI PROG
Depends on PCB whether need to use PROBE !
1. What PCB need to use probe ?
2. There are two wire to probe (red & brown). Do I use both of this or one ?

Probe1 Probe2


  1. If you cannot read with clip alone then you need to use PROBE wires.
  2. Both. One to GND other to PCB’s MCU’s XTAL pin if there is one.


Both wires have mark “GND” !! I made picture 1.
On my picture 2 – one of “GND” (brown) I connect to probe and…to PCB’s MCU’s XTAL pin if there is one.
Another wire “GND” (red) – where ??


Probe3 Probe4JPG

Professional solution:

Second wire to GND!!! ALL PCB’s have GND.


Ops ! We connect PCB-s GND with “MCU’s XTAL pin” through probe !! is it correct ? Like picture ?



Yes and also the programmers adapter!

BTW, I not need use connected any other wires then clip only…and work very well….24c02, c04,c16, 5P08 and others…

VVDI Prog Adapter:


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