VVDI MB Tool vs Simon Tool

Mercedes key programming:VVDI MB Tool and Simon Tool, which better?

VVDI MB Tool can add key if car is having BGA key, Simon Tool can not.

VVDI mercedes can erase used EIS if you know password, Simon Tool cannot

VVDI mercedes can copy old EIS and write to new one, Simon Tool can not

VVDI mercedes can do keyless go key, Simon are working on it

VVDI mercedes can be updated, ST won’t get update anymore

VVDI MB ONLY BGA key On line calculation need tokens,other not need tokens,nec key not need tokens.!

Simon Toolcan repair a block ESL nec, VVDI can not

Simon Tool don’t need token, VVDI require token

Simon Tool can renew key NEC without soldering, VVDI need solder

Simon Tool can do odometer for 2010 to 2013, VVDI not doing

Simon Tool can read motorola EIS password through IR, VVDI not support



VVDI mercedes wins definitely

1st No other Tool in the market at this moment cz calculate BGA password within less then 10 minutes. ST can not

2nd Renewing W204 without opening it in less then 2 minutes and activate it with EIS in other 2 min all BY OBD , ST can not do it that fast and that easy

3rd FBS3 2010 all key lost key programming as well in 10 minutes. YES you need 2 tokens, but you are getting paid for it x 10 if not more.

4th ECU , ISM , Gear Renew free no token in 10 minutes, ST can not.

The most important: Simon Tool won’t get update anymore , while VVDI mercedes is updating . it mean that more functions will be available with vvdi mb.

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