How to use VVDI2 to Exchange BMW FEM/BDC?

Customer asked whether VVDI2 support cloning a fem module, VVDI2 can not clone,but VVDI2 can exchange FEM/BDC,here is the steps.

1.Please prepare a used or brand new FEM/BDC with the same model year as the damaged FEM/BDC.

FEM/BDC need to be programming before replacement

The new FEM/BDC programming method is the same as the key programming method.

Connect FEM/BDC to VVDI2 and prepare for programming on the vehicle or on the platform.

vvdi2-exchange-fem-bdc-1 vvdi2

2.After connecting the device to read the key information, the system will prompt Programming FEM/BDC, if you do not need to process it, you can directly enter the option of “Exchange FEM/BDC”.


3.Programming FEM/BDC, just operate like the steps display.


4.If the Programming FEM/BDC is completed or the key reading information system directly displays: this system does not require programming, you can directly enter the option “Exchange FEM/BDC”


5.Red FEM/BDC data


6.After the information is read out, the following three info should be modified


7.1: VIN, please fill in the original vehicle VIN number.

2: Select the frequency of remote control.


3.Fill in the ISN of the original car (the original car ISN can be obtained by reading the engine computer data, see the steps of reading the engine computer data when the key is lost)


8.Next, the system will prompt whether there is a working key, (usually there is no corresponding key for second-hand FEM/BDC, so click No) We choose according to the actual situation.



9.After input the ISN,then click write fem/bdc data.


10.After writing the data, you can use programming and coding tool.

After performing the above operations, the exchange FEM/BDC step is completed. Generally, the FEM/BDC of the same model and the same year can work normally. If got some error,please use programming tool.