How to get ISN for CAS3+ all key lost with VVDI2?

This post offers method to use VVDI2 to get the ISN from the CAS3+ encrypted file on the bench.

Tool to use:

vvdi-prog or r270: use to read eeprom file

vvdi2: load file on it


Open VVDI2 – BMW V4.5.0

Click on “Key learn” and then “File Make Key”.

Click on “CAS3+ (OL15Y, OM23S).

Click on “Load EEPROM dump file”

Read out VIN, KM, Key cutting code, CAS remote control frequency, etc.

Tick “KeyID1” then click on “Make dealer Key”

Tick “Use try start method to start engine, no need working key or engine dump file.”

Attention “Lost all working key, you will have 64 attempts, do you want to continue”, click “yes”.

Do you already make new key at Key 1?

If already make new key (Already saved new EEPROM dump), press Yes.

Please use current key to start the engine, if start success press YES, else NO

If cannot start engine, please take out the key and insert to programmer before press NO

If the engine start now?

Click “Yes” to continue.

You can see, VVDI2 read out ISN, copy it.

Select: Car Model – BMW – Cars – CAS1-3

CAS3+ detected.

To decrypt data the valid key is necessary or ECU dump, click “OK”.

Tick “I have DME ISN”

Paste DME ISN.

To program BMW CAS3+ key using tango.


Thanks to @weza247 from DK forum.