How to use VVDI2 and VVDI Prog Program BMW CAS4 1L15Y Key?

VVDI Prog is good tool to read dump file,and then use with VVDI2 to make key.Here we will introduce VVDI2 Key programmer with VVDI Prog to program BMW CAS4 1L15Y Key all key lost(BMW 525 2011 year).XhorseVVDI has the bundle package for VVDI2 Plus VVDI Prog.

1.VVDI Prog Read Dump File

vvdi prog cas4 1l15u

1.1.Start VVDI Prog software and choose BMW CAS4 1L15Y  type.

vvdi prog bmw cas4

1.2.Check connection diagram and operation like diagram photo shows.

vvdi prog bmw cas4

1.3.Click read.

vvdi prog

If the process is OK,it will display “Opration success” under the software.

1.4.Save the data you have read.

2.VVDI2 Make New Key

2.1. Start VVDI2 software.Choose File make key.

vvdi2 bmw cas4

2.2.Choose the type “BMW CAS4 1L15Y”.vvdi2 bwm cas4

2.2.Load EEPROM dump file.

vvdi2 key programmer

2.3.Load the file you have read by VVDI Prog.

2.4.VVDI2 display the ISN and key frequency.


2.5.Make Dealer Key.

2.6.Input new key to programmer then continue.Key Written successfully.