VVDI2 and VVDI Prog Program F Chassis BMW 5 Series Key

VVDI Prog support to read dump file of F Chassis BMW 5 Series 5M48H CAS4+ key,and we can use VVDI2 to program new key.And the following is VVDI2 and VVDI Prog program F Chassis BMW 5 Series 5M48H CAS4+ key.

vvdi2 plus vvdi prog

1.VVDI Prog Read 5M48H CAS4+ immo dump file.

Remove BMW ECU from your car.

bmw ecu

Start VVDI Prog software,and choose BMW IMMO 5M48H CAS4 type.

vvdi prog bmw

Check connection diagram and solder like the diagram shows.

vvdi prog bmw cas4+ vvdi prog bmw cas4+ vvdi prog bmw cas4+ vvdi prog bmw vvdi prog

After connect well.Please click read in VVDI Prog software.

vvdi prog bmw cas4+

Save the data vvdi prog read out.

vvdi prog

Remove the soldering,and put back the ECU into your car.

vvdi prog

2.VVDI2 Program New Key

Connect vvdi2 with your computer.

vvdi2 bmw

Choose Key Learn,file make key.

vvdi2 bmw

Choose CAS4+  type.

vvdi2 bmw

Then choose “Load EEPROM File”

vvdi2 key programmer

Make dealer key.Click Next to continue.

Key write successfully.

vvdi2 bmw


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