How to use Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI Prog to make Audi A6l 2.4 Key

VVDI2 and VVDI PROG both of them are xhorse original tools,VVDI PROG can read BMW ISN and eeprom.etc,vvdi2 key programmer is univeral tool.Here will take Audi A6l 2.4 all key lost as a example to the detailed steps how to use Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI Prog to make key.

vvdi-prog vvdi2

1.Open Engine cover, find out the Engine position, remove the engine ECU.

xhorse-vvdi2-vvdi-prog-1 xhorse-vvdi2-vvdi-prog-2

2.Read 95320 chip.Use VVDI prog to read 95320 chip,please remove the chip and put it on the VVDI Programmer.

xhorse-vvdi2-vvdi-prog-3 xhorse-vvdi2-vvdi-prog-4

Start VVDI Prog software,choose the chip type,read out the data,and save it.

3.Remove the 95320 chip,solder chip back on engine.


4.Start VVDI2 software and choose Audi car brand.


5.Click speical function,then select” EEPROM data processing tool”


6.Calculate the CS Code.

Choose ECU Simons PPDIX – Reset component protection data.Open VVDI2 and click Audi option,and Load the data that read out by VVDI Prog.Then click open.


Record the CS code.


7.Calculate PIN Code

Select ECU Simons PPDIX – Security Access Code,load again the file,and record the PIN CODE.

xhorse-vvdi2-vvdi-prog-9 xhorse-vvdi2-vvdi-prog-10

8.Start VVDI2 software, click Learning Key- Audi A6/Q7.

Input the CS and PIN code ,then the button Learning Key and Generate dealer key will be OK to click.Put OEM chip and 8E chip into VVDI2 key programmer.Then click generate dealer key.

9.Learning key.

Disconnect the short insurance line and connect back.

Take out the key from VVDI2 and put it into ignition data coil.Click Learning Key .Open and close car door, turn on ignition, press down brake.


10.Read out EZS-KESSY(J518)EEPROM.

Click ok, select Chip type 9S1201128, read EZS-KESSY(J518)EEPROM is to generate OEM remote control.Save EZS-KESSY(J518)EEPROM.Generate OEM remote control.
Please confirm that remote controller is on the coil of VVDI2.