How to use VVDI2 BMW FEM BDC to Reset Mileage?

VVDI2 BMW newly add BMW FEM BDC authorization service.If you need do BMW FEM BDC module,you need add authorization firstly.Here we will display VVDI2 BMW FEM/BDC module Mileage change steps.

1.Start VVDI2 BMW software,and choose Key Learn>FEM/BDC Key Learn>Get Key Info

vvdi2 bmw vvdi2 bmw fem

2.Choose “Programming FEM/BDC system”.Then do like software procedure shows.

vvdi2 bmw fem

Step 1:
1.Read FEM/BDC coding via OBDII or on the bench.
2. You’d better not close this window after start the procedure.

bmw fem mileage

vvdi2 bmw

Step 2:
1.Open FEM/BDC shell, find 95128/95256 chip position, read EEPROM dump via BDM programmer.
2. Load original EEPROM dump and save special eeprom dump, write special eeprom dump back to 95128/95256 chip.
3. Restore FEM/BDC shell, provide +12v and connect OBD.

You can use Xhorse VVDI Prog to read the eeprom dump file.

vvdi2 bmw fem vvdi2 bmw fem

vvdi prog bmw

VVDI PROG Read and save file.

vvdi prog bmw

Step 3:
1. This operation require FEM/BDC on the bench, and make sure you finish step1 and step2.
2. Provide +12v to FEM/BDC and connect OBD.

vvdi2 bmw fem

Step 4:
1.Open FEM/BDC shell,write original EEPROM dump (read in step2) back to 95128/95256 chip.
2. Restore FEM/BDC shell, provide +12v and connect OBD.

vvdis bmw fem
Step 5:
Load coding file read in step1, write to FEM/BDC via OBDII, finish FEM/BDC programming.

vvdi2 bmw bdc

vvdi2 bmw bdc

3.Reset KM.