How to use VVDI Key Tool Generate Toyota G Chip (Master)?

V2.0.2 VVDI Key Tool newest version newly add toyota-G to generate special transponder,add toyota-G offline clone functions.But before update,please confirm your VVDI Key Tool language version,not all language version is suitable.And here XhorseVVDI will display VVDI Key Tool generate Toyota G Chip.

1.VVDI Key Tool,choose “Transponder Clone”

vvdi key tool toyota

2.Put the chip in the left coil,click read.

vvdi key tool toyota g

Then it display the chip information.

vvdi key tool generate

3.Back to main menu,choose “Generate Transponder”.

vvdi key tool toyota

4.Select detailed model.Asia>>Toyota>>Toyota G.

vvdi key tool

xhorse vvdi key tool

5.Press Enter.Then select keys number.Then press OK to generate.

vvdi key tool

6.Writing date,then prepare successfully.

vvdi key tool toyota g chip