VVDI Key Tool Generate Remote Toyota Vios 2012 Successfully

VVDI key tool from XhorseVVDI.com only $249 now.And we will introduce VVDI Key Tool generate Toyota Vios 2012 chip g 72 remote operate guide.Xhorse VVDI key tool is easy to use,it will diplay on menu what you need do next.

vvdi key tool

1.Remove the Toyota Vios key,and connection key chip with VVDI Key Tool.

xhorse vvdi key tool

2.Choose Prepare Remote,and select detailed car model to enter in.

vvdi key toolvvdi key tool

3.Press Enter.And choose the wire or wiress mode.

vvdi key tool generate remote

4.Choose Wire mode,and press OK.Then burn successfully.vvdi key tool toyota

5.Put back the key chip into key.You can use other key programmer to program new key.

vvdi key tool

As the process display,the vvdi key tool generate remote is simple,wire and wireless way both are OK.And XhorseVVDI.com also have remote key to pre-order.Click here to check more:http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/producttags/remote-key.html

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