How to use VVDI Key Tool Generate Clone Toyota Landcruiser Remote?

VVDI Key Tool can support multi-functions like remote prepare,TP edit,remote clone.etc and large arrange of car models,we have introduced some operations guide and feedback about Xhorse VVDI Key Tool.Here we will add one more VVDI Key Tool Generate Clone Toyota Landcruiser Remote.

VVDI KEY Tool toyota

1.Start VVDI Key Tool English Machine.And click TP clone.

vvdi key tool

2.Please insert the original key into left coil according to the picture,and press OK to clone.

vvdi key tool

3.Read OK.Please insert special 4D.


4.Put the 4D,and press OK.Then clone successfully.

vvdi key tool

5.Connect the chip,and click “Frequency Test”.

vvdi key tool frequency test

vvdi key tool

6.Put the key close to the top of VVDI Key Tool,then it shows the frequency test result.

vvdi key tool frequency

7.Click “Remote Prepare”.

vvdi key tool

8.Choose detailed car model.

vvdi key tool

9.Click OK and choose mode to generate,wireless and wire two mode to choose.Both way are OK.We choose Wire way this time.

vvdi key tool remote prepare

10.Burn successfully.

vvdi key tool remote

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