VVDI Key Tool Remote Clone Renault Duster Key

VVDI key tool clone remote function works well.Here we will display VVDI Key Tool Remote Clone Renault Duster Key.And Xhorse 4D,ID46,ID48 chips are OK to purchase from XhorseVVDI.com now.

1.Start VVDI Key Tool,choose “Remote Clone”.

vvdi key tool

2.Choose :Special Clone

vvdi key tool renault

3.Put the key on the top place.

vvdi key tool

4.Adjust frequency to 434 and click Clone.

vvdi key tool remote clone

5.Connect VVDI Key Tool with the key.

vvdi key tool

6.Press OK start clone.

vvdi key tool clone

7.Successfully.Put the battery into the remote key to test.Test key on Renault key.

vvdi key tool renault

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