VVDI Key Tool clone Maruti Suzuki VXi remote flip key TESTED

Another VVDI Key Tool success case for sharing:

Newly tested VVDI Key Tool clone 2016 Maruti Suzuki VXi red remote flip key in Wireless mode OK, work flawlessly! Below a How-to guide for you checking.

How to copy a new remote flip key for 2016 Maruti Suzuki VXi?

Power on VVDI Key Tool, go to choose “TP Clone” function on main menu.

Put the original Maruti Suzuki key into the coil as picture:


Press OK to continue.

Put the VVDI Key Tool antenna close to car ignition then use the original working key to turn ignition on.


Put the key back to VVDI Key Tool coil and wait key calculation complete.


Now put the new blank remote key into the coil. (The new key will come with VVDI Key Tool package)


VVDI Key Tool successfully clone Maruti Suzuki new remote key!


New key is working to start car engine!


Want to know VVDI Key Tool price?

$249.99 VVDI Key Tool Pre-order VVDI Key Tool V1.2.8vvdi-key-tool-clone-maruti-swift-vxi-remote-flip-key-ok-6 vvdi-key-tool-clone-maruti-swift-vxi-remote-flip-key-ok-7

Here you go:



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