How to use VVDI2 Full for BMW key programming

FYI: How to do VVDI2 BMW key programming (when all keys are lost)



VVDI2 Price:

Best price at You will get what you pay for.

VVDI2 software download: vvdi2 v4.1.0!SgJBDaAK!0LZHIrnnUoPKspT680Vh3YGFF_sGBIf378yU8RZ r0VA

VVDI2 BMW Abilities:

EEPROM/KM/Synchronization Codes (OBD)


Read KM / Write KM

Synchronize DME-CAS, CAS-ELV

Key Learn

Get Key Info

Write Key Info

Load Key Info / Save Key Info

Prepare dealer key with programmer

Prepare dealer key with ignition switch

Add key

Program Key Info

Repair Keyless Key

Enable Key / Disable Key

Clear DTC / Clear Shadow

File Make Key



Unlock Key

Unlock with key info file

Unlock with CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ EEPROM

File Change KM



Cluster (E Series): M35080 EEPROM dump

Cluster (F Series)

CAS Repair

CAS1(0K50E) OBDII Repair

ISTAP4* Version OBDII Repair

Case: VVDI2 BMW Key Programming:

1.Start VVDI2 Softwareand choose BMW brand.Connect well VVDI2 BMW with your car and computer.

2.Choose the detailed car type,click on“Get Key Info”.

3.Then it shows:Add key:You should insert a working key into ignition,and connect device with car before continue.Click on “Next”.

4.The dealer key should be taken away from ignition switch.If key is keyless,pleae move it out of car.

If there is not key in ignition,continue anyway.Press OK to continue.

5.Please use “Save Key info” to save save the original key informaiton.

6.Choose Key 4,put the key into VVDI2.

7.Click on “Prepare dealer key with programmer”

8.Click on OK to continue.

9.Please choose “Add Key”,please put new key into VVDI2 key Prorammer.

Is the new key keyless.If have press yes,els NO.

10.Writing data success.


VVDI2 BMW Review:

2005 BMW E87 CAS3: success
2006 BMW E90 CAS3: success
2003 BMW E60 CAS2: success
2008 bmw m6: success

I tested my vvdi2 on 2008 bmw m6 today. It worked flawlessly and was a bit quicker than multitool.

2010 bmw X5: success

I did a perfect job on 2010 bmw X5 with ISTAP today. I downgraded CAS ( I backed up eeprom with xprog first) and then retrieved key info OK. Adding key was a brieze after that. Cleard all errors, sinchronized ELV. DONE

2012 bmw f10: success
Hi i yesterday have bmw f10 2012 year ,read cas4+, change, write back all ok work .happy 100%