How to Cut YA226 Key with Condor MINI and M4 Clamp?

Condor MINI Plus is new released now! Condor MINI Plus and Condor XC-MINI accessories are compatible. Here we will introduce Condor MINI key cutting machine with M4 clamp to trace and cut YA226 house Key.

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Condor MINI M4 and YA226 house key.

condor mini plus

M4 comes with stopper and 2 size of lifting wires.

condor mini m4

1.Choose Key duplicate on menu,then choose universal type in Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine menu.

condor xc-mini M4

Then choose Standard Single Sided

condor xc-mini m4

Keep the key/probe/fixture clean,ensure good electrical conductivity.

Recommend to use M1,M4 clamp and 1.5mm drill.

condor xc-mini m4

2.Put M4 clamp and tighten it.

How to lock and unlock clamp

3.Put original key on clamp,tighten it.

condor xc-mini m4

4.Put stopper on Yellow arrow line and lock key.

5.Key decode.

Show bitting,and trace bitting again.

6.Put new blank key on clamp.

7.Click Cut,close the shield.

8.Cut process.