2012 VW Jetta all keys lost done by VVDI2 via OBDII

Today I was able to make all keys lost AKL 2012 VW Jetta uds 4th gen regular ignition , thru OBDII , no need to open dashboard to read eeprom , No need to save ABS coding, Xhorse vvdi2 full with 48 copy authorization and emulator , aftermarket ID48 glass transponder , Happy moments. On Monday I will try make key on a 2015 VW Jetta akl.

2012-vw-jetta-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-01-767x1024 2012-vw-jetta-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-02-1024x769 2012-vw-jetta-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-03-767x1024

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