How to use VVDI2 VAG for 2016 vag ME17.5.22 all key lost

Have managed to use Xhorse VVDI2 VAG commander (This version contain Basic Module, VW module and 5th immo authorization and Porsche Function) for 2016 new vag all key lost. Report it here.

Ecu type:


Test pictures:

vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-1 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-2 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-3 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-4 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-5 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-6 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-7 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-8 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-9 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-10 vvdi2-vag-all-key-lost-11


Procedure 12:

Johnson control with 95320 – uds

Generally, this type instrument use 95320 EEPROM.

There are two methods NEC+95320(Johnson control), NEC+95320(jci 2013 bora/jetta)

There’s a special procedure for prepare dealer key:

Menu->key learn->4th immobilizer system – VW/ skoda/ seat (choose the specific type according to the car)

Lost all key- OBD prepare key

This function will read PIN/CS from ECU or (input PIN/CS) and prepare dealer key. The dealer key can learn to car

After running this function, it changed 6 bytes of all 12 bytes CS in immobilizer system. So the old key cannot be used anymore, and don’t accept any key come from dealer