Review: VVDI2 Program VW Jetta 2007 Year All Key Lost OK

VVDI2 has VAG 4TH 5TH software,and ID48 96Bit,ID48 OBDII,MQB,all these are related with VAG car models. Here display VVDI2 works on VW Jetta 2007 Year All Key Lost part of process.


VVDI2 VAG software,and choose key learn.

You can get login PIN from Menu>>Special Function>>Engine Control Unit>>Read Memory Data

This type can prepare dealer key with procdure 3. After get new dealer key,input key number and log PIN,push button “Learn”

Procdure 3:


Normally most of the newest cars require a transponder which is precoded with the VIN number from a dealer.

It is also possible to precode the transponder useing the Key programmer if you have the 7 bytes cs and you need to use an Meganes 48 crypt transponder for the operation (TP22 for Seat, TP23 for VW, TP24 for Skoda, TP25 for Audi)


VVDI BMW Tool is OK to Pre-Order Now:

Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool is professional tool for coding/ programming, individual manual coding (change vin manually) , reflashing (manually) , key programming, diagnostic, solving “incorrect data record”, matching ECUs, ect…)