Can VVDI2 work with 2019 Jetta with MQB system?

The fact is Xhorse VVDI2 doesn’t support 2019 Jetta with MQB system yet. Vehicles with JCI clusters and virtual cockpits ARE NOT supported for the moment.

That’s the reason why I have one 2019 Jetta here with MQB system and new digital dashboard.
Trying to add a key .. vvdi2 not connecting. I tried every available dashboard in MQB and non MQB system. None is working.

vvdi2-not-work-with-2019-jetta-with-mqb-system-01-1024x768 vvdi2-not-work-with-2019-jetta-with-mqb-system-02-1024x768 vvdi2-not-work-with-2019-jetta-with-mqb-system-03-768x1024 vvdi2-not-work-with-2019-jetta-with-mqb-system-04-768x1024 vvdi2-not-work-with-2019-jetta-with-mqb-system-05-768x1024