How does Xhorse Dolphin cut Suzuki with M1 clamp?

Xhorse Dolphin key cutting machine cut Suzuki with M1 clamp 100% ok, and the whole process is controlled by connecting to your phone by Bluetooth.

Suzuki 2135

Here we go for procedure:

Tap “Setting” to connect Bluetooth.

Tap “All keys lot”.

Choose “Suzuki”.

Input “2153” and tap “Query”.

NI02T (6 Bitting 770 * 2450 M1 Clamp…)

Follow the diagram to fix the key into the M1 clamp.

Choose “Cutting key”.


Cutting key.

The cutting process can be seen on the phone and meanwhile on the Condor Dolphin display screen.

Cutting key completed.

Take out the key and insert into the EIS to test if it is working.