Xhorse Upgrade Kit Software FAQs

Xhorse Update Kit Software is update tool for xhorse multiple products firmware like VAG MM-007,VVDI2,VVDI PROG,VVDI MB Tool,condor xc-mini,vvdi key tool,as well as Condor XC-007. Here we will share some frequently asked questions about Xhorse update kit.

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1.Xhorse update kit software garbled error

Some customer download software,start to use it,but got garbled error.


Solution:Please click button like the following pic,then choose English language,it will display normally.


2.Xhorse update kit software download

Xhorse Upgrade Kit Software
Please close your anti-virus software,as it contact .exe application,may recognise as virus.It is clean to use.

3.Server Error

When you try to use Xhorse upgrade kit software to update,you may receive server error.Please wait some time,and later time try again.

4.When to use Xhorse upgrade kit “Fix internal error 1”?

Please check previous blog:

When to use Xhorse upgrade kit “Fix internal error 1”?

5.Calculate (VVDI Key Tool ID70/83 Online Calculation)

Some customers ask for PC software to use VVDI Key Tool on computer,except the update rpocess,and online 70/83 calculate in update kit software,do not have PC software for VVDI Key Tool.


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