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1.Remote Cloud Recognition

If you have no idea about what remote control fits your vehicle, here is a simple guiding video:

<iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/cQiT6YAeCXo” allowfullscreen></iframe>


2.Remote Renew

OEM Keys may be locked after they are programmed to the vehicle and hence cannot be generated or programmed to another car. In this case, we need to renew the remote before reusing it. This only applies to OEM keys and after being renewed, it becomes unlocked and can be programmed to many different vehicles.

To complete remote renew, you may need the key renew adapter or the renew cable depending on the vehicle.

The renewal procedure is straightforward: access the menu, select the vehicle, and the system will prompt you to use the appropriate adapter or cable.


3.IC/ID Clone

IC/ID cloning allows the replication of IC or ID cards. It’s a straightforward process: simply position the card on the coil, and you’re good to go. It’s remarkably simple to execute


4.Ignition Switch Coil Signal Detection

There are 2 scenarios where you may need to use the function.

One is that when you’re unsure about the type of the vehicle remote transponder, you can put the collection antenna of the device close to the ignition switch and turn the key several times. It’ll tell you it’s a 46, 48 or 4A, but other chip type is not supported yet.

Second is that there are times when a vehicle cannot be started with the original remote and you’re not sure the problem is in the key or the antenna coil of the vehicle. We can also apply the method to determine where the problem is.


5.Remote Charge Battery

The function is mainly used for old-type BMW EWS series models with rechargeable keys. These rechargeable keys usually have a button battery inside. You can charge the battery of the remote by using this feature.


6.Unlock Toyota Smart Key

The function is similar to [Remote renew] function. But the difference between them is that [Unlock Toyota smart key] doesn’t require you to use any cable.

You basically place the PCB board into the recognition slot and hit unlock. And it’ll start unlocking the key.


7.Honda Cycle Key Renew

The function is only designed for Honda motorbikes.

What you need to do is to put the transponder into coil position for reading and then you’re ready to go and unlock the Honda motorbike keys.


8.8E Remote Upgrade/Unlock

The function is used mainly for Xhorse 8E remotes. It can upgrade and unlock Xhorse 8E remote.


9.Mazda ID49 Smart Key Light Repair

You may know that the Mazda 49 key is a bit special. If the original remote is a two-button remote, you might be surprised to learn that you can program it with a three-button remote. But here’s the catch, after successful programming, there will be a light display on the dashboard. No worry! We can erase the light by using this very function. (Note: Original key is required.)


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