Key Tool Max Pro Ford Mondeo 2017-2014 Key Programming Tips

Quick Question:

I should reprogram the keys on a 2013 Ford Mondeo, Today I tried with VVDI Key Tool Max Pro but at the end of reading the authorization code error 62C126 appears. I also tried with the post 2015 version but I have the same problem. I’m not clear on the procedure, as the car doesn’t have a mechanical key but only a slot where to insert the key in case of emergency, on the instructions it’s written insert key on ON. Having only the Start button I press that but as there are no keys stored in it nothing turns on. Is there any way, maybe reading the immo module chip to reprogram the keys or find the PIN code. I’m not sure if the immo module is integrated in the dashboard or in another ECU.



Here are some tips:

Follow All Key Lost instructions,

(1)All keys will be cleared if this function is performed, click [OK] to continue.

(2)Turn ignition switch to ON, keep the ignition off.

(3)Read the number of keys

(4)Clear completed!

(5)Put the key to be programmed in the position of the steering column card slot

(6)Press the unlock button on the smart key twice

(7)Programming key, please wit..

(8)Program completed!

*If PCM is replaced, Step 4 is also required and users need to buy sync code by themselves


Complete! That’s how to program Ford 2013 Ford Mondeo key using Key Tool Max Pro Key Programmer.