VVDI2 BMW+CAS4 authorization plus VVDI PROG FAQ

One beginner asked some questions on VVDI2 BMW+CAS4 authorization plus VVDI PROG and answered by xhorsevvdi.com engineer, they must be useful for more and more beginners, so I’d like to share here.

Question: What product do I need to edit/ correct mileage in BMW (e-series, f-series – CAS3,4, FEM/BDC) and clusters ?
I have found this:




Yes, you are recommended to use VVDI2 BMW+CAS4 authorization plus VVDI PROG bundle package.

Which aspect you want to know?


1] to change KM is enought , to modify CAS and clusters? other ECU in car will take km from CAS?

2] Which BMW needs to desolder eeprom (CAS or clusters) – only F-series?

3] its only up to CAS4 module, so If I will need to modify odometer on cars with FEM/BDC module, it will be enought to buy some sw/firmware upgrade – which you will send me, and thats it?

4] when I would like to modify the BMW  G-series , it will be still possible with bought HW – viz the URL? and again, only new software/firmware will be needed?

5] Will the VVDI come with some tutorial, how to modify mileage of car?

Thank you


1.Some BMW cars needs to modify both.

2.CAS4 ,F series,EWS needs to read eeprom dump file,you can check the pic:


  1. .If you need BMW FEM,add extra 200USD is OK.

You can go to:




  1. BMW G series, how about its immo system? if ews, cas, fem, it will support.
  2. VVDI2 BMW has the manual, but for km function not have specific one. And on youtube there are videos for vvdi2 bmw.

1) Here Newest VVDI2 BMW user manual free download

2)  How to use VVDI2 and VVDI PROG Adapter Program BWW BDC All Key Lost

Question: If I need to correct KM / mileage on cas4 or fem , it has to be done also on eeprom on cluster instrument. Do I have to buy also VVDI programmer, or only VVDI2 ?

Answer: for CAS4,we have said, immo or change km both need to use vvdi prog to read dump file.

Maybe BMW FEM also need platform cable to work stably.


Youtube: How to use VVDI Prog to read CAS4 5M48H

VVDI PROG And VVDI2 Program BMW EWS4.4 X3 2007


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