VVDI2 BMW CAS KM Change Tips

VVDI2 BMW includes BMW OBD,BMW CAS4,BMW FEM authorization.And for CAS4 authorization,it includes both IMMO and KM function,here we will give some tips about VVDI2 BMW CAS odometer adjustment.

1.VVDI Prog Read data,save D-flash and P-flash.

2.VVDI2 load D data to change KM,and then save new data.

3.VVDI Prog chose unlock to read/write,click unlock,after unlock successfully,load new data to D data,then click write.

4.Click right corner,VPP,input FF,finish.

FAQ about VVDI2 and VVDI Prog Odometer Adjust

1.Q:VVDI2 change BMW CAS4 km need to remove ?

A:Yes,both IMMO and KM function need to remove.

2.Q:4 parts that we remove to read. We need to solder back before writing or after writing km?

A:Remove out to read,and after write well,then solder back.

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