Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine Mercedes Benz C220-07 Review

Condor XC-MINI is on promotion free with M3 or M4 clamp in Chinese National Day Oct 1st-7th,and here we will add one more feedback about condor mini key cutting machine about Mercedes Benz C220-07 key.

Use Condor MINI to cut Mercedes Benz C220-07 key

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It does not cut the key correctly,I used option mercedes-c220-07
Decodes ok
Cuts ok
Work in car… no

I try univeral way
Cuts ok
No work in car either



The curve part causes the key not be fully inserted to the end.Please use a grinding tool to take curve back a little.

Please confirm the orignal blade and new blade are the same.

condor-xc-mini-mercedes-benz-c220-07-2 condor-xc-mini-mercedes-benz-c220-07-3

And new reply from David:

So as long as i check with condor screen the decode is ok
I just need to gring the curve about 1mm off and works ok