VVDI Trade for VVDI2 Service Is Available from XhroseVVDI.com

Dear Xhorse Customers,

Thanks very much for your support of Xhorse Tools.And last year,Xhorse factory offers VVDI first generation exchange for VVDI2 Commander service till Dec 31th,2015,then stop to exchange any more.Now,come back to be available now.

VVDI2 key programmer,both software and firmware support update online frequently,and you can always get the latest update.But VVDI VAG diagnostic first generation does not have update for long time,VVDI2 covers full functions of VVDI VAG first.


How to exchange VVDI for VVDI2 commander?

1. If you want this service, please make order online first, we will ship to you a brand new full set of VVDI2 by DHL
2. When you receive the VVDI2, please register your information on Xhorse VVDI2 Trade Service Center
3. Ship back full set of your VVDI, together with the mark on VVDI2 we sent to you as below

4. We will get authorization for your VVDI2 to use well perpetually

And please Notice:
1. For the first month, VVDI2 will have full authorizations, but you willl need to ship back your old VVDI full set within one month, or device will get locked.
2. When we receive your old VVDI, the VVDI2 will have the same authorizations as your old one, if you want new software to add, please buy the VVDI2 Extra Service(Item NO.SV86-2,SV86-3,SV86-4,SV86-5).

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