Free Download V7.2.3 VVDI2 Software (2022-04-20)

Free Download V7.2.3 Vvdi2 Software 2022 04 20 1

V7.2.3 VVDI2 Software is released, and this version doesn’t require a firmware update.   1. Free Download V7.2.3 VVDI2 Software   2. V7.2.3 VVDI2 Update Information !!!This version require firmware V7.2.2 !!! =====VAG V7.2.3===== Improvement autodetect for VAG immobilizer system… Continue Reading

VVDI2 Remote Database China Change to EU Tips

vvdi2 remote database

VVDI2 transponder programmer newest 6.1.1 version.And some customer changed the database to EU English one,but after change from us,or engineer,still show Chinese,here is the tips. 1) Close VVDI and Quick Lunch 2) Delete vvdi_remote_data.bin from C:\Program Files (x86)\VVDI2\VVDI2\Transponder Programmer\DataBase 3)… Continue Reading

VVDI2 Authorization VVDI MB One Year Token New Year Sale Till Feb 5th!

VVDI2 Authorization new year sale till Feb 5th,2019,more than half discount! Best Price! 1.Unlimited Tokens for VVDI MB Tool Password Calculation One Year Now only 200USD,original price 380USD (Regardless of whether you have purchased a package year or not, as… Continue Reading