VVDI Pro sprinter w906 eis reading via new ST questions and answer


VVDI Pro sprinter w906 eis reading via new ST. adapter is not working, had to use V1 flash cable to read the eeprom.


the connections points on PCB must be sure cleaned before !!!

not only take pcb from eis case and quickly put to EZS adapter and await 100% result in 1 seconds like many other users…


Spent an hour moving it slightly, even tried sprinter 2006- from the drop down menu , but with no luck ,V1 flash cable job at the end.

Answer: of course work only right choice when use EZS adapter….and dont forget to use external +12V power

Question: Didn’t clean the pcb mate, of course 12v connected, but i looked under the mag. it seemed that the pins are slightly off! oh well the job is finished , i will check the next one , or buy one to check. thanks mate.

Answer: every time need to have some donor pcs on stock….not wait until is needed

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