VVDI MB Online Calculation for Mercedes All Key Lost Fail Solution


W164/251 2006 all key lost, I have VVDI Key Tool Plus and VVDI MB Tool.

I know this EIS has 3 different types, and I’ve made one type using VVDI PROG and VVDI MB with Power Adapter and Gateway Adapter, but this type old model EIS I try all no work.



If you don’t know how to read Benz W164 EIS data with gateway, here is the video link:

Possible Reason:

Online password calculation of this old type is not supported.



Directly read the dump from EIS using VVDI Prog Programmer, and load EEPROM file into Key Tool Plus/VVDI MB to program keys.


Two ways available:

Method 1.VVDI PROG (Soldering required)


  • Select chip>>Check diagram>>Solder cable as connection diagram>>Read and save EEPROM file



  • “Prepare Key File”>> “Load EIS file”>> “Prepare Key File”>>Put a new key in key slot>> “Identification key”>> Load an unused key file and select “Load key file”



Method 2.VVDI PROG+EZS Adapter (No soldering)

On VVDI PROG, the procedure is similar to Method 1, and the difference is selecting the chip option with “(ADAPTER)” and connect EIS to VVDI PROG by EZS adapter.

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On Key Tool Plus (VVDI MB is the same as in Method 1),

  • “Immo Programming”>> “Benz”>> “Select from system”>> “Prepare key file”>>Load EIS file(Password will show in this step)>>Put a new key in key slot>>Save key file


  • Go back to “Select from system”>> “Read/Write key”>>Load an unused key file


Alright, when online calculation fails, you may try directly reading dump from EIS and program key.

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