How to fix VVDI MB password calculation failed times:0?

One VVDI MB BGA Tool feedback: I’m trying to read w209, w169, w211 on bench with gateway china, everything is connected, trying to calculate password but it cannot get acquisition it just tries to get it but with failed times:0. Any tips?


Xhorse chief engineer replied:

If is all keys lost (AKL) , sometimes on this type you have to do it 2-3 times .

That why power adapter is the best to have it . Plug it in and just wait 20 min, no more in out of IR.
Also it is max 10 min job to read Hc12 if you have good tool, or 5 min with VVDI prog and adapter .


Look at Xhorse power adapter for connecting with VVDI MB Tool:



And the connection among VVDI MB BGA Tool, power adapter, OBD line, k-line, gateway and EIS.