VVDI Key Tool Transponder Clone Review

VVDI Key Tool supports to do transponder clone,like 36, 46, 47, 60, 70.etc,and ID70/83,please note that Ford ID83 Clone only supports Ford Kuga and Focus at present.

And we receive feedback that Cloning succeeds, but remote does not work on the vehicle.

1.If you use Xhorse remote key.

You need program remote firstly.


Then match remote by manual with your car,you need know how to manually match remote with your car yourself.

For example,Mazda 323 Protege key,operate like this blog:

How to use VVDI key tool generate and program remote Mazda 323 Protege?

2.Not Xhrose remote key

No need to program remote/smart,just do the manual step is OK.

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