VVDI KEY TOOL Review TP Edit, TP Clone, Special TP Functions

VVDI Key Tool review:

How use VVDI Key Tool “TP Edit” function, “TP Clone” function and “Special TP” function? How use VVDI Key Tool to edit, clone transponder and generate special key chip?

VVDI Key Tool V1.2.8

VVDI Key Tool review on “TP Edit”:

VVDI Key Tool read 4C key chip (After read, you can clone 4C chip)

VVDI Key Tool read Toyota H chip 8A (After read, you can edit Toyota H chip)

VVDI Key Tool review on “TP Clone”:

VVDI Key Tool clone 4D chip procedure

  1. Put the original 4D key into the coil to read 4D key chip.

  1. Remove the key and wait the calculation process complete.

  1. After calculation OK, put new special 4D transponder chip into the coil to clone.

VVDI Key Tool review on “Special TP “:

VVDI Key Tool Special TP function menu: Europe, Asia, China, Other regions, VVDI Special TP and Special Tool.

VVDI Key Tool copy special key chip for Asian cars

(Support many PCF79XX chip ID33 ID46 for Nissan Toyota Mitsubishi cars, etc)

VVDI Key Tool European car special key chip copy supported list

(Including Seat TP22, VW TP23, Skoda TP24, Audi TP25, Citroen Peugeot Fiat Opel ID33 chip, etc)

VVDI Key Tool VVDI Special TP function support ID11, ID12, ID13, PCF7936, PCF7946, ID47/38.

VVDI Key Tool Special Function:

Unlock Toyota key

Special 4D to 4C

VVDI Key Tool unlock/ renew Toyota smart key keyless entry remote

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