How to use VVDI MB Tool Renew W203 sim4lke ECU?

VVDI MB BGA Tool can renew EDC16 Without Opening,which we have posted in previous blog.VVDI MB renew, write VIN, personalization operation for module ECU,Gearbox, ISM etc.Today,we will add one more example for W203 sim4lke ECU.

VVDI MB Tool Renew W203 sim4lke ECU

W203 sim4lke ECU Type Photo

vvdi benz renew w203

2.Connect well VVDI MB with ECU.

vvid benz renew

3.Start VVDI Benz software,and click “Renew ECU/Gearbox”.Then click “Read”.

vvdi benz renew

4.After read out,click get password.

5.Then click Renew.After renew successfully,read again,it can shows the information.


TP Cleared:Yes



vvdi benz