How to use VVDI key tool generate and program remote Mazda 323 Protege?

Post is on how to generate and program remote Mazda 323 Protege with VVDi key tool.

Frequency : 433MHZ ASK

Transponder chip:8C

Remote /Smart Program -> Remote Key – Asia -Mazda

Search by Key -> 1292 40601 Australia 2BTN.

Connect remote module to VVDI cable.

Press [Gen] to make remote.

Burn success.

Fill battery then install to remote shell.

Program remote by manual.

  1. Open driver door.
  2. Turn On – Lock 3 times.

  1. Close -Open Driver Door for 3 times.

Door cycle 1 time.

  1. Press Unlock button for 2 times.

Door Cycle 1 time.

  1. Close driver door.

Door cycle 2 times.

  1. Test Remotes.