Review: VVDI2 Golf 7 2016 5G1920751A Dashboard

VVDI2 is professional key programmer for VAG and BMW,as well as km function. But we got feedback for vvdi2 and change dashboard.

Install the Dashboard from another vehicle

My car: Golf 7 / MK7 / Year: 2013 Dashboard: 5G09920860A

Donate vehicle: Golf 7 / MK7 / Year: 2016 Dashboard: 5G1920751A

1. Connected dashboard (5G1920751A) from donation vehicle to my vehicle. Then completely adapted with VW Online Geko Immo. Everything worked, but the only engine ECU locked. Dashboard no error codes.

2. I wrote complete property data with vvdi from my dashboard (5G09920860A) to donation dashboard (5G1920751A).
I would now like to write Immo Data back in 5G1920751A.


Engineer Reply:

vvdi2 does not have the function of changing the dashboard. Thanks.