VVDI Key Tool Max,VVDI MINI support Unlock Toyota smart key 128bit

VVDI Key Tool Max,VVDI MINI,VVDI Key Tool support to unlock Toyota smart key 128bit now,in previous,support unlock 40bit 80bits,now 128bit are supported. Update free to get.


Please note that not all 128bit are supported to unlock

If not support it will display like the error pic:

vvdi-toyota-unlock-error-1 vvdi-toyota-unlock-error-2

And here is the V1.8.9 Xhorse APP update

-MINI KEYTOOL added support the latest smart key(for example Panda style)

MINI OBD added detail log

-UI improvement


V1.4.1 Condor Dolphin XP005 Update Info* This version need to update firmware
* Add cutting preview function(Need use latest APP version)
* Add decoding and cutting options of the worn HON66 (Need upgrade the database)
* Modify the cutting method of the external key universal key duplication
* Fix the Parameter micro-adjust function bug

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