How to use VVDI MB BGA to read Benz V57 Key Password?

VVDI MB BGA Tool support get key password by password calculation.Meanwhile,if you have VVDI MB NEC Key Adapter, support read v51 v57 key password directly.


VVDI MB NEC Key Adaptor is option component, if you only buy vvdi mb bga tool,you need get the NEC Key Adapter separately.Here, will display use VVDI MB BGA Tool and NEC Key adapter to read Benz V57 Key Password.

1.Get the key chip from key,and put on the NEC key adapter.

vvdi mb key password

2.Connect VVDI Benz with your car and computer,start vvdi benz software.

vvdi benz v57 key password

3.Click ‘Read/Write Key’,choose NEC model,and choose V51,V57.Then click “Identification Key”,reading data successfully.

VVDI Benz V57 Key Password

4.After step 3,click “Read V51,V57 key password”.

vvdi benz

5.Then it will display key password,please save the key password.

vvdi mb