Fix Audi A6 2006 ESL Fault Motor

VVDI2 Full version and VVDI2 VAG can support vag group car models.VVDI2 newest is V4.0.0 verison.

Audi A6 2006 ESL fault motor is working but steering lock not locking or unlocking, car can not start. The following is photos any idea how to fix this issue?

audi-a6-esl-1 audi-a6-esl-2

Suggested replacing with good used ELV. But if in your country it is hard to buy esl alone only complete system. Can i find used good one online or can i do ESL adaptation by vvdi2?

Final solution without buying ELV:

Just read the ESL J518 by obd, if you have a working key.
Or with a ECU programmer like Xhorse vvdi prog.
1L59W or the 3L40KEEPROM 2KB

And copy this in to the replacement part.
Make sure that you have the correct part number.