Free Download Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Maintenance Manual

Here we are going to share you Xhorse Dolphin XP005L maintenance manual. Hope it would help you replace broken parts like battery, screen, main board…

*This manual applies to models with serial number KM10, KM11 of DolphinⅡModel.


Free Download:

Dolphin XP005L Maintenance Manual


Dolphin XP005L Screws:


How to Replace Screen?

Please refer to the disassembly pictures P1 and P2 in Chapter 1. Remove the screws in the black frame separately to remove the rear cover and screen, then remove the screws in the white frame, as shown in the following picture, remove the wires in the circle, then push out the bracket that fixes the screen, and finally remove the plastic pins from the screen harness, then you can separate the screen from the back rover.


How to Replace M2 Clamps?

Rotate the knob outward on the left picture, then it can be disassembled.

Replace the corresponding parts according to the picture on the right.



*M2 clamp needs to pay attention to the gaps in the fright figure, align it before tightening, Otherwise, it may get stuck.



More details, please check maintenance manual.