FAQ of Xhorse Key Reader Smart & Professional Key Decoder

After Xhorse released the key reader, we received tons of questions on this very new tool , To start, we have to answer one question that we are frequently asked


Q: Why Xhorse developed this product?

A: well, Key reader  has three significant features:

1. It is able to identify aluminum, keys plastic keys as well as metal keys. aluminum and plastic keys are not supported in key cutting machines. and it’s a bit troublesome to get the baiting codes,so the tool greatly compensates for that


2.Probe braking can be avoided using a Xhorse key reader skimmer.


3.It’s much more accurate and faster than taking photos to identify key data.


A: Will key reader work on the App?

Q:Sure! you can either use your smartphone and key cutting machines like dolphin xp005 or use the Key cutting machine with a screen such as condor xc mini plus to copy a key.


  • With a smartphone, KEY READER gives a new level of working experience, allowing locksmiths to get the key bitting code even without a key cutting machine. KEY READER provides an integrated solution for a wide range of users.
  • But using key cutting machines with screens, you can directly cut the key with simple clicks on the machine


Xhorse Key Reader and Dolphin XP005 Cut Mazda Key
How to Use Xhorse Key Reader with Condor XC-Mini Plus II to cut HU66

Q: Does it support edge cut keys?

A: Yes we’ll demonstrate the process in the video below. Just insert the key and click identification on the screen.

Q: Does it identify hu162t?

A: Yes hu162t decoder is mainly for Volkswagen Audi says golden cars.

Though especially with 3 size, It’s metal keys, So for sure creator is able to identify it.

Q: Does it identify honda keys?

A: Definitely! it’s acknowledged that honda keys tend to wear off easily. yet you can still acquire accurate key bitting results with key reader


Q: Does it support plastic or aluminum keys?

A: sure! that’s the biggest advantage of the tool.

Q: How much is it and when will it be available?

A: Xhorse Key Reader price is US$350.00, you can buy it from here,  will arrive and deliver in December.

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