Xhorse Key Reader Review: Identify Car Key Bittings

This article is a review of the newly-released Xhorse Key Reader.


First Look

First, we have the button to open the key slot in order to insert the keys.

On the back, we have the power cord and the power button.

On the bottom, it has a little slot in case we drop the key into the reader.


Now we’re going to decode some keys, and I already know the bittings, to see if it gives the same bittings.

One feature of it is that it can decode Plastic and Aluminum keys, which we cannot decode on our Xhorse Key Cutting Machine because it’ll break the probe.



Go to

Cut by bitting>>HU66>>Silca – HU66>>Shoulder align>>Optical Identification>>Identification


Read the key. See if it is “42312242”.



HU101 (Range Rover Aluminum Key)

Go to

Cut by bitting>>HU101>>Silca – HU101>>10 Bitting>>Optical Identification>>Identification

Read the key. See if it is “3545331132”.

Again, correct.


KK12 (Hyundai)

Go to

Cut by bitting>>KK12>>KK12-P>>Optical Identification>>Identification

Read the key, and this one is “13334424”.


Perfectly as well.


H92R (BMW)

Go to

Cut by bitting>>HU92R>>Silca – HU92R>>depth: 1.25mm>>Optical Identification>>Identification

Identify the key. The cut for this one is “22344243”.

Again, decode perfectly.


CY24/Y59 (Chrysler)

Go to

Cut by bitting>>CY24>>Silca – CY24>>8 Bitting>>Optical Identification>>Identification

This one was “34313443”.

As you can see, it goes down one perfect.


B106 (Cadillac)

Go to

Cut by bitting>>CY24>>Bco – B106>>Optical Identification>>Identification

These are generally worn out so it is a bit difficult to read.

The cuts for this one, “2431323531”.


As you can see, I didn’t put the key in deep enough so it missed the first two cuts.

Adjust the key and retry.

Done this one perfectly.


HY100 10cut (GMC)

Go to

Cut by bitting>>Silca – HU100>>10 Bitting>>Optical Identification>>Identification

The cuts are “3422231134”.

Looks like that one is correct.



Go to

Cut by bitting>>Silca – HON66>>6-6 Bitting 1.05mm>>Optical Identification>>Identification

This one was recorded earlier as a “231151” not “131151”.


Try again. 231152.

That turns “1” but it missed the last one, and we can adjust it to “1”. 231151.


After we decode a key, we can directly send it to our Key Cutting Machine to cut it.

That’s all for today’s sharing, and this is how Xhorse Key Decoder gives us bittings.


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