Tips on Ford ID/4D63 Transponder Programming by Xhorse Devices

Many people are confused by how to program Ford ID63/4D63 transponder including generating and cloning. They don’t know which chip ID option they should choose on Xhorse Key Tool Max, Mini Key Tool…


Here are some tips on Ford ID/4D63 transponder. We’ll divide this article into generating & cloning.


Part 1. Transponder Generating

One customer tried to generate ID63 (80bit) transponder on VVDI Mini Key Tool, but only to find an option for ID63 (40bit), so he tried and failed.


Then we know the chip is 80bit, but where is the option?

First, we should know,

ID63/4D63 (80bit) = ID/4D83

ID63/4D63 (40bit)  ID/4D83

So we need to find an option for ID83.

Here is the entrance on Key Tool Max.


Then we can generate a 4D63 (80bit) transponder using a VVDI Super Chip.

Besides, we can generate 4D63 chip (40/80bit) by VVDI Super Chip.

However, if we use an OEM chip, we’d better use 4D63 (80bit) chip because 80bit is compatible with 40bit&80bit, not vice versa.


Part 2.Transponder Cloning

For Xhorse transponder programmer (VVDI Key Tool Max, Mini Key Tool…), ID83 cloning only supports Focus & Kuga on Ford. Xhorse Super Chip supports this function.

So we need to identify key chip type by model and year before operation.

Here are the chip type lists of Ford Kuga and Ford Focus.

tips-on-ford-id-4d63-transponder-programming-by-xhorse-devices-3 tips-on-ford-id-4d63-transponder-programming-by-xhorse-devices-4

Example: Transponder Clone for Ford 2015 by Mini Key Tool

General procedure:

Connect Mini Key Tool to Xhorse App>>Transponder clone>>Put in original key to “Read transponder”>>Put in VVDI Super chip to initialize>>Transponder clone

tips-on-ford-id-4d63-transponder-programming-by-xhorse-devices-5 tips-on-ford-id-4d63-transponder-programming-by-xhorse-devices-6


Alright, hope this could help!

Any question feel free to contact us.