VVDI MAX + Xhorse Super Chip Generate to Suzuki ID65

New test: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Generate Suzuki ID65 OK with VVDI Super Chip,Today, we take the VVDI MAX to generate super chip in Maruti  ID65 2007 Omni van

The procedure

Step 1.Turn on the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Remote Programmer and put the Super chip to the Immo transponder placement hole

Step 2.Select   “Generate Transponder



Step 3.Select t “Search by car model”>>“Suzuki”>>”Maruti  ID65 2007 Omni van″

vvdi-super-chip-generate-to-suzuki-ID65-02 vvdi-super-chip-generate-to-suzuki-ID65-04

Step 4. Select”Generate”

vvdi-super-chip-generate-to-suzuki-ID65-06 vvdi-super-chip-generate-to-suzuki-ID65-007

Transponder generation succeeds.




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