Fix Xhorse mini condor update error: can’t boot & upgrade tool not identify device?


Xhorse mini condor update error: can’t boot and Xhorse upgrade tool not identify device.

after connecting the USB cable, the screen flickered and then nothing happened, the USB light is on.



Image 1: the machine can’t boot only by connecting the USB cable.



Image 2: Try to test whether the terminal connected to the screen has voltage.


xhorse-mini-condor-update-error-03 xhorse-mini-condor-update-error-04

Image: Light is on


xhorse-mini-condor-update-error-05 xhorse-mini-condor-update-error-06

Image: And Xhorse upgrade tool not identify device


How to solve?

Check if the fuse is burn.

1 First upgrade the Xhorse mini condor to the latest version to see if it can be started

  1. If it doesn’t work, please follow the method below to check if the module has voltage output, and then tell xhorse engineer the result.

How to check power board guide:

Step 1: Put down the machine and take out those screws like picture show



2, Take out that power board and check the output voltage if it’s 24V in the position like the picture show ( mark with circle) , if not ,check the input voltage ( mark in arrow ) if has 110/220 V ,if input voltage is normal , which means the power board is damaged.



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Xhorse mini condor plus (the upgrade version of mini condor):