Condor XC-MINI Plus Key Bittings Info Not Same with Key Solution

Condor mini plus key cutting machine support cut by key code,choose in key database,key duplication.etc. And we received feedback that after input the code,the bittings are not same with the original key.

Smart brand on condor isn’t present

So I try to choose ym23

But in the machine it have 10 cuts instead the key is 8 cuts

How can I do pls?

condor-mini-key-cutting-ym23-1 condor-mini-key-cutting-ym23-2


please click key duplicate
and in duplicate,it has the option to choose universal key duplicate


You can check reference blog:

How to use Condor XC-MINI Trace Cut sc1 or kw1 house key with M4 Clamp

OK but I have clamp m1 m2 m3

M4 haven’t because I don’t cut door key but only automotive

For to do has u explain me occour m4 clamp?


M1 M4 both are OK for the key.Use M1 clamp is OK.