How to use VVDI2 Programmer to read Citroen PIN Code?

vvdi2 psa

VVDI2 Comannder key programmer includes PSA software,which can support key learn and read pin will display some steps about VVDI2 Programmer read Citroen PIN Code. 1.Connect VVDI2 with computer and your car model. 2.Start vvdi2 software. 3.Start your car,and choose PSA… Continue Reading

How to solve VVDI MB “NEC Adaptor is Not Connected” Error

vvdi benz nec adaptor

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Benz Key Programmer Including BGA Calculator Function,package includes NEC adaptor 1, NEC adaptor 2,NEC adaptor base PCB. When choose “NEC Adaptor””V51 V57 type”,then click “Identification Key” Then it got the error “NEC Adaptor is Not Connected”,like following pic shows: 1.Please check whether put the… Continue Reading

How to use VVDI2 Programmer on 2016 New VW All Key Lost


VVDI2 key programmer V1.2.6 supports copy 48 transponder, without binding condor(Menu->Key Learn->4th Immobilizer system – Copy 48 Transponder).And here we will display some details about 2016 New VW All Key Lost with VVDI2 Commander. For VVDI2,you can check VVDI2 full version or… Continue Reading

V4.5.4 VVDI Prog Programmer Software Free Download(2017.01.17 Update)

vvdi prog

V4.5.4 VVDI Prog Programmer Software is released on Jan 17th,now get your VVDI Prog to newest software.And Polish language for VVDI Prog now. 1.Free Download V4.5.4 VVDI Programmer Software VVDI PROG V4.5.4 Software[Password:123456] 2.VVDI PROG latest software version V4.5.4 update v4.5.3… Continue Reading

Free Download V3.0.1 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software

vvdi2 bmw

V3.0.1 VVDI2 newest version,newer update for VAG,PSA,Porsche,Transponder key programming,J2534.And you can get newest vvdi2 software from us. 1.Free Download V3.0.1 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software V3.0.1 Software Download 2.V3.0.1 VVDI2 latest software update 2017-01-16 (Require firmware V3.0.0) VAG V3.0.1 1. Adapt… Continue Reading

Announcement of Xhorse VVDI2 Commander

vvdi2 bmw

Dear Xhorse Customers, VVDI2 only support original Xhorse software version,don’t trust on any crack or copy version. Crack or copy version means cannot get 100% function,cannot support update,no technical support,no aftermaket service,Online function cannot connect to Xhorse server,especially for new… Continue Reading

Free Download V2.1.7 VVDI MB BGA Tool Software

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VVDI MB TOOL V1.2.6 version newly add to support lost all key W216, W164 2009-,and now V1.2.7 bugfix for lost all key W216, W164 2009-. 1.Free Download V2.1.7 VVDI MB BGA Tool Software VVDI Benz V2.1.7 Software Download   [Password:123456] 2.VVDI BENZ… Continue Reading