How to Solve VVDI MB Tool Firmware Update “Not Found File In Service” Error


VVDI MB Tool newest software is V5.0.2,firmware V5.0.1. And customer use the newest 5.0.2 software, ask for update firmware 5.0.1 via xhorse update kit software. But when vvdi benz update firmware got the error like following pic: Tips from Engineer:… Continue Reading

How to use Condor Dolphin XP-005 Read Bitting From Photo?

condor dolphin xp-005

Condor Dolphin cutting machine release read bitting from key blade photo, support get bittings from photo. You can find the function from Decode key. Here is the detailed steps. It is OK in Andorid APP,for IOS one,please wait after Chinese… Continue Reading

Free Download V4.8.7 VVDI PROG Software

V4.8.7 VVDI PROG software is released now,get download link now,no need update firmware,only download software to use is OK. 1.Free Download V4.8.7 VVDI PROG Software!f94HjQiI!w7zL_IFaGuBS3QEBU4rWQf9oq0bEkRU_D5j0M11lisA Password:123456 2.v4.8.7 VVDI PROG Update info (2019-9-19) * This version DON’t need update firmware… Continue Reading

Xhorse VVDI2 BMW CAS4 Via OBD Way Failed Errror Tips

vvdi2 bmw cas4

VVDI2 support BMW CAS4/CAS4+(XEP100 series, 5M48H/1N35H) type,and when connect with vvdi2 via OBD way,we received feedback got error: Please manually choose: Key Learn>>CAS Key Learn,then car type,choose CAS4,read key info. VVDI2 BMW Full Authorization and Full Vag Authorization on sale,Contact… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.0.2 VVDI MB Tool Software

vvdi mb tool update

VVDI MB Tool V5.0.1 software we received customer feedback that got error when read key via IR. And here i V5.0.2 software fix the error. 1.Free Download V5.0.2 VVDI MB Tool Software Password:123456 2.V5.0.2 VVDI MB Tool Update Info… Continue Reading