How to change the built-in battery of Condor XC-MINI?

condor mini bulit-in battery

Rechargeable battery of XC-Mini is new accessory for Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine,you can buy the chargeable battery and replace it in Condor MINI,then your condor mini can have bulit-in battery.Here is the guide how to change Condor XC-MINI built-in battery. (Get New … Continue Reading

Free Download V4.7.4 VVDI Prog Software

vvdi prog update

V4.7.4 VVDI PROG newest software is released on Aug 27th,now download newest software from us. 1.Free Download V4.7.4 VVDI Prog Software!z5whGbbC!z49-q6RnBTPbIiRtYxoTjdl0h_-h1NivvSBxVFAsV_4 Password:123456 2.VVDI PROG V4.7.4 update Info: v4.7.4 (2018-08-27) * This version DON’t need update firmware * Fix some… Continue Reading

How to use VVDI MB Tool Program Benz Motorola 9S12 EIS?

vvdi prog benz w215

VVDI MB Tool Program Benz Motorola 9S12 EIS,it needs to use VVDI Prog to read Motorola 9S12 data,then vvdi mb tool prepare key file,add new key. 1.VVDI Prog Read Data. It is W215(ST12) one,choose IMMO,Benz,W215. Checking connection diagram. Do wiring like… Continue Reading

How to use VVDI Prog Repair BMW FRM3 XEQ384 BMW E-series E71?

vvdi prog bmw frm3

V4.7.3 VVDI Prog supports to restore the original eeprom from Dflash to repair BMW E-series FRM(BMW Footwell Modue) . You can see from previous VVDI Prog update info,it adds FRM-E-SERIES-XEQ384,FRM-F-SERIES-XET512 optionsin <8-OTHER>->.Our blog will display about VVDI Prog repair BMW FRM3 XEQ384… Continue Reading

Read Benz W209 with VVDI Prog W209 ZGW Adapter Success

vvdi prog benz w2096

VVDI PROG EZS adapter includes W209/W211 ZGW,W209/211(HC12).Today we will display Benz W209 with VVDI Prog W209 ZGW Adapter read via vvdi prog successfully. 1.You need use this W209 ZGW adapter with VVDI Prog 2.Benz W209 EZS and check detailed type. 3.Choose detailed… Continue Reading

VVDI2 BMW FEM/BDC BMW X1 2017 Car Review

vvdi2 bmw fem

VVDI2 fully supports FEM/BDC immobilizer if you have BMW FEM/BDC authorizaiton.VVDI2 Full authorization covers all authorization,VVDI2 full+ID48 96bit,ID48 OBDII,BMW FEM. We received feedback about VVDI2 BMW FEM/BDC like: vvdi2 in fem have function change is 100% work.i try.And for f30 f20… Continue Reading